Met many au pair agencies in the world in Seville, Spain

I just returned back from my business trip in Seville, Spain, and it was absolutely wonderful.
I participated in the annual conference organized by WYSE Travel Confederation and International Au pair Association, IAPA, and I met many au pair agencies across the world, such as United States, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and many more. I am absolutely positive sending Japanese au pairs to several countries in the near future.

Even though it was just 1 hour or so, I was able to explore the old town of Seville, and was BEAUTIFUL. When I was there, most of the time, it was rain and cold. But, a Taxi driver said, “rain in Sevilla is beautiful.”

I agree.

Now I am back in Texas, working harder than ever!


Japanese au pair is looking for an Australian host family

If you are living in Australia and looking for a Japanese au pair, please contact us.
We currently have a Japanese au pair looking for a host family in Australia. The Au Pair has three years of professional experience as a preschool teacher.

She is active, and have experienced studying English in Australia before. She would like to arrive to Australia by June 2018.

If you would like to see the detailed information about the Japanese au pair, we can introduce to our partner agency, Smart Au pairs.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Japanese au pairs will go NZ and Australia!

Time goes so fast, it is already the end of January.
I have been working hard to send our Japanese au pair to the world.

In 2018, we will support our Japanese au pairs to go New Zealand and Australia on top of the United States. We have Japanese au pairs who experienced living in the United States and looking for the next au pair destination.

We also have Japanese nationals who are obtaining the working holiday visa and would like to do au pair.

So, we have opened up our support service to these countries.

For New Zealand, we work with Au Pair New Zealand.
For, Australia, we work with Smart Au pairs.

If you are interested in welcoming a Japanese au pair in New Zealand or Australia, please contact above agencies.

we hope to send Japanese au pairs to many countries in the future!

Happy Holidays!

Winter break has begun, and we will soon have the year 2018. Time goes so fast.

Au Pair Japanese Connection will work harder next year to promote the au pair program to Japanese nationals and send more au pairs in 2018.
As a fact, our au pairs have already been matched with host families for next year. One of them is for July arrival!

For the next 1 or 2 months, we will encourage Japanese au pairs to finish their applications. If you are hoping to have an au pair in 2018, please start early.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host family, and hopefully you can welcome a Japanese au pair soon.

Happy Holidays!

Au Pair Japanese Connection


Dallas Cluster Local Coordinator, InterExchange Au Pair USA

I live in Dallas area, not quite but close to Dallas. My partner au pair agency, InterExchange serves host families this area as well. So, I had a good meeting with the local coordinator of Dallas and surrounding cities such as Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Coppell, Flower Mound etc.

Dallas is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. I believe there are many future host families who would love to host au pairs. If you are interested in hosting an au pair, either Japanese or not Japanese, please feel free to contact us. I am willing to refer to the Local Coordinator or LC of this area.

Here is the selfie with the LC in Dallas!


2017 Au Pair Conference

I had a great time in Nashville by attending Au Pair USA Conference. For three days, we discussed J-1 program issues, au pair updates, and building a great network.
There were International Cooperators like us from all over the world, and there were local coordinators who are assisting host families and au pairs everyday. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with local coordinators across the U.S., hearing about how my Japanese au pairs are doing.

Within InterExchange Au Pair USA, Japan ranked the 5th place for arrivals in 2017. Compare to all Au Pair arrivals, Japan is not even ranked in top 10. So, it shows that if you need a Japanese au pair, working with InterExchange will increase a chance to meet with an excellent au pair for you.

Au Pair Japanese Connection will do our very best to promote the U.S. Au Pair program to Japanese young people and increase the number of arrivals even more for the year 2018.


Please voice your support for J-1 exchange programs

I have very important news and would like to share the following announcement from InterExchange Au Pair USA:

“J-1 programs are in danger, and it’s more important than ever to share how important the program is to participants, hosts, and local communities.
The Trump Administration is considering eliminating the J-1 visa program and all the opportunities provided to exchange visitors. It is very important to share how important the program is to host families and local communities. You may call your local Representative or Senator, or send this letter asking them to contact the White House and urge that J-1 international exchange programs NOT be included in the “Buy American, Hire American” implementation.”

Please read The Wall Street Journal’s article for details.

2018 au pair & host family matching and arrival calendar

Our partner, InterExchange Au Pair USA has released the 2018 au pair and host family matching/arrival calendar.
Please click the link and review next year’s arrival dates.

It is still August, but we have started working on the next year’s matching. So, you may want to start thinking about the next year as well. It is not too early.

If you have any questions on Japanese au pairs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Great meetings in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

I am sorry that it took long time to write a new article. I am already in Japan and have passed mid point of my stay. I would say I have been extremely busy and time goes fast.

I am pleased to announce that my seminar in Tokyo and Osaka was VERY successful. I was able to meet with future au pairs in two locations. Several have already started and finished their au pair applications and now ready to match with host families. SO, if you are thinking about welcoming a Japanese au pair this year, please contact us.

Also, there are many Japanese au pairs who would like to become au pairs in the spring 2018. Few people already started their application process and trying to start early. Even though the next year’s applications cannot be published at this point, if you are planning to welcome an au pair early next year, please contact us.

Each year, I feel that the au pair program is getting popular in Japan. I have met many talented young Japanese nationals, and I am looking forward to introducing them to you soon!

Below picture is one of the Japanese future au pairs’ comment on ” how you could achieve your goal”