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In North Dallas, school is now over and summer has begun. I am officially preparing for my trip to Japan.
If you have a Japanese au pair or interested in Japanese culture, you may also visit Japan regularly during the summer. If you have questions, but not sure who can answer use QuickQ.

You can ask any questions you mighty have in Japan, such as “which restaurant you would recommend in Shibuya?” ” my cell phone charger was broken, where I should go to buy one?” ” Which subway line I should use to get to Skytree from Roppongi?” etc.

Just like asking for your friend, QuickQ team will respond back to you in English.

How does it work?

Simply add QuickQ by using social media/messenger/Skype/LINE, and start asking questions.

A good thing is this service is free of charge. So, why don’t you give it a try?

For detailed information on how to use QuickQ, please access to the website and see “how it works” page.

Planning a Japan trip for summer 2017

It’s still February, but I started planning my trip to Japan for summer 2017. As a fact, sometimes, hotel rooms are already full depending on the days. I figure taking a trip to Japan has been gaining popularity.

My trip is for sure for my business, and I am planning to organize several au pair seminars in several cities such as Tokyo and Osaka every year. But this trip also serves an important role for my daughter’s education. My daughter, who is bilingual in Japanese and English, enrolls Japanese elementary school in my hometown of Japan every summer for four weeks or so. This short four-week schooling in Japan plays such an important role to keep up her Japanese speaking ability, and also for her to understand and experience the Japanese culture.

At many of Japanese elementary schools, students clean up their classrooms by themselves. They also serve the lunch food that was prepared at their school kitchen. These are all considered as part of education.

Now living in the US as a Japanese national, I am proud of the Japanese school’s cleaning and serving food education. Even my daughter who was born in the US likes the cleaning time. Of course, she loves Japanese lunch time, called KYUSHOKU, hot and balanced food.

You may impress with the following video posted by AJ+

Would you like to learn more about Japanese culture?

If you are interested in having a Japanese au pair, I assume you are also interested in Japanese culture.

If you go to Facebook page of Embassy of Japan’s Japan Information & Culture Center, you will learn a variety of things of Japan.  The FB page also introduces  or sharing many interesting articles in English about Japan.  Enjoy!

By looking at the below logo of the Japan Information & Culture Center, I am already feeling ZEN!

Japan Information and Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan
logo of Japan Information & Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan