Welcome to our blog, finding a Japanese au pair! I decided to start this blog to write about Japanese au pairs, Japanese culture, and anything I thought I want to introduce to readers.

I think you already know what the au pair program in the USA is. If you don’t know, please go to the following web site to learn more about hosting an au pair.

I have been assisting Japanese nationals to become au pairs in the U.S. since 2011 as an international cooperator, meaning we are responsible for informing the process of becoming an au pair in the U.S., interviewing the prospective candidates, helping their applications and VISA support for one of the au pair agencies in the US, InterExchange Au Pair USA. We have promoted the au pair program and recruited many Japanese nationals for InterExchange. I feel that the au pair program has been gaining popularity among Japanese people. Four years ago, not many Japanese people knew about Au Pair, but now, people asked me on how to become an au pair. That is a huge improvement.

I have been communicating with Japanese au pairs almost everyday,but, realized, I didn’t have a tool to appeal to host families about Japanese au pairs. That is the reason why I opened this blog. I will tell you about Japanese au pairs, Japanese people (sometimes my personal views) and Japanese culture etc.

Hope this blog will help you understand your Japanese au pair better, or start considering having a Japanese au pair.

Akiko Imairi Selmon, Au Pair Japanese Connection

Author: Akiko Imairi

Hello! This is Akiko Imairi and I am the founder of Au Pair Japanese Connection, supporting Japanese nationals to become au pairs in the USA. I have been living in the US for over 15 years and working as an educational consultant for international students for long time.

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